Can you help us?

We are currently seeking individuals to become actively involved with the Friends of Maxwell Park as volunteers and trustees. A number of of our trustees are due to step down from their roles this year and unfortunately we have no new members to take their place. Without new trustees then the future looks bleak for further projects by the Friends of Maxwell Park or indeed for the group to continue as a registered charity. 
If you would like to get involved and have some spare time to help the group with future projects in our beautiful park then please get in touch with us via, Twitter @GlasMaxwellPark or Facebook Alternatively, if you know anyone who would be interested in getting involved then please direct them to our aforementioned links.
We are currently looking at planting a small orchard within Maxwell Park in conjunction with pupils from Hutcheson’s Grammar. This would be an excellent opportunity for us to plant several fruit trees in the Park near the Heritage notice board and the existing ornamental cherry tree. We hope that this may encourage some pupils to become actively involved in caring for our beautiful park.

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